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Gust is developing for PS Vita

According to the job listing here, developer Gust, most notable for the Atelier and Ar Tonelico series, is looking to employ new staff to work on titles for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.

No information on the games were given.

Persona 4: The Golden coming to PS Vita


I posted about the teaser website Atlus opened up a few days ago in hopes it would be a Persona 4 remake for the PlayStation Vita. That has now been confirmed. News of the remake comes from this week’s Famitsu magazine.

The game, a remake of the 2008 PS2 RPG, will be officially named Persona 4: The Golden and will have numerous new features. The most notable of these is the addition of a new character, Marie.

Alongside new songs, Persona 4: The Golden will also feature 1.5 times the voicework of the original. The game will also get a new animated opening movie and more animations throughout the course of the game.

The PlayStation Vita’s online capabilities will be supported. If you are about to die or in some trouble while exploring a dungeon, you may go online and call for help from other people.

The article also mentions that other elements that have been heavily requested by fans will be added to the game. No more was said on the topic.

Persona 4: The Golden will be available in Japan in Spring 2012.

AR Combat DigiQ, an online augmented reality combat game

AR Combat DigiQ is an online combat game that utilises the PlayStation Vita’s SmartAR technology. The game is based off of Konami’s radio controlled vehicle toys, DigiQ.

Players will take control of a DigiQ in the game and can move around using the dual analogue sticks. The game will also be played on augmented reality maps, as indicated by the name. Online and ad-hoc battles of up to four people will also be supported.

Konami will release AR Combat DigiQ as a downloadable title in Japan. There is currently no release date.

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