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Some Surge Concerto: Ciel nosurge trivia from Gemaga

Surge Concerto: Ciel nosurge and it’s protagonist, Ion, was the center of Gemaga magazine’s cover this month (see after the break). The magazine also had a feature on the game including some trivia which Andriasang has translated:

  • The game has been in development for half a year. But if you include the time the world view has been in planning, it’s about 15 years.
  • Vita was chosen as the hardware because it best matches the game’s concept. Also, the system’s 3G capabilities may have been a deciding factor.
  • Character designs are from Flight Unit’s Ntny. However, illustrations are from someone else, someone who apparently does his own 3D model work.
  • They decided on the game’s voice staff by auditioning 100 people (I’m not sure if this is just for heroine Ion’s voice or for the entire cast).
  • They want players to feel that they are one person in the world of Ciel nosurge.
  • Players should look forward to the game’s vocal songs (I’m not sure if this is just the theme song, or if the game has a more robust vocal component).
  • You’ll be able to show off your Ion to other players.

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