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New PS Vita trailer – The World Is In Play

Sony have released a new PlayStation Vita trailer via the system’s official channel. You can watch it after the break.

  • lol sony

    go f***ing die Sony. It’s fact that the VITA is failing and even losing them money. 14000 sold? pathetic. Look at the 3DS its selling 60k per week. Almost all major VITA developers have moved to the 3DS (just search it up). just shoews how much sony sucks. Sony dont’ hold a candle to Nintendo. can’t wait untill the PS4 comes outso that WiiU can kick its ass.

    • Sergio

      you are a scum to all nintendo fans. let sony be, if it wasnt for sony being in competition with nintendo we wouldnt have all thes good Nintendo games and there are also plenty of good sony games out there because of competition. If sony fails with the vita there is going to be a monopoly with nintendo as the only handheld makers (not including smarthphones) and we will get nothing but shitty games because of it.

    • marvel

      Just chill the f*ck out dude,get a job,buy a vita & stop being a fanboy.

  • Szayel

    You make all the Nintendo fanboys look bad. I hope the Vita and the 3ds can become great handhelds, and spurr the next generation of handheld gaming. Oh yeah, Phil, thanks for writing the blog. It’s a great way to keep up on Vita news. You should make a forum =D

    • Phi

      Thanks Szayel! I really appreciate kind comments like this one. I will definitely consider making a forum. ;)

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