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Some more Gravity Daze “Spy Volume” DLC details

Sony have shared some more details on the first round of DLC for Gravity Daze. There will be a total of three DLC packs with one releasing every week. The first of the packs, titled “Spy Volume,” will be available in Japan starting next week, on March 22, and will be priced at ¥400 (roughly $5). It includes the following:

  • A cat costume for Kat
  • Two side missions
  • Two challenge missions

Check below for some new screenshots.

  • Shadowknight

    Awesome costume. I dunno about you but Kat is one good looking lady. ;p

    Anyway Gravity Rush is 100% my most anticipated Vita game. Are you getting it Admin?

    • Phi

      Yeah, I have Gravity Daze. Very enjoyable game. ;)

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