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Sony wants The Binding of Issac… “a lot”

The Binding of Issac may be coming to the PlayStation Vita. When asked via Formspring what Sony thought of the game, creator Edward McMillen replied: “Sony wants Isaac… a lot. we will see what happens.”

  • Lazerith

    Sweet. McMillen tried to get it onto the 3DS but Nintendo refused because of its religious content. I was really looking forward to having a handheld version of the game with the updates…

    But now my hopes are back up. One more great reason to own a vita.

  • Bogrot

    Ditto, this would be amazing. With not many games out, this would be one more good reason to get a vita.

  • Duke of flies Dylan

    wow, i would truly love this, the portal 2 connection to steam i hope would be like this one. i already own TBOI, and if i get it with wrath of the lamb, i want my data saved, ive gotten all endings and a ton of the items, and i do not want to do it all agian

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