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  • Matt

    I was actually disappointed in this game. It’s just not that good.

  • j__x

    Graphically, this game was/is great. After the patch, the frame-rate issues almost disappeared and honestly, there isn’t an open-world, stealth/action game on any other portable like this. Ubisoft seemed to have bitten off more than they could chew, but after finishing this game i was really pleasantly surprised.

    Considering its sales figures for only being out 3 months, We’ll have a sequel around November of this year, with improvements. Can’t wait, personally.

  • Myst

    This is mainly for j_x and Matt. I’ve played AC3 and liked it. Can you tell me what you liked/hated about Liberations?

    • j__x

      Sure, i can try!

      Aside from looking, feeling, playing, and sounding like a true Assassin’s Creed game, (a franchise that I love) it really felt like one of the few games made for the Vita that truly tried to be a “console-worthy” game on a handheld device. Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss and a few others have definitely also delivered, but sadly it seems many of our Vita games are either very short, very sparse, or simply “optimized” for a handheld (i.e watered down or lazy).

      I really appreciate innovation and effot. Ubisoft Sofia clearly put a lot of hard work into Liberation, and while not perfect, is definitely something they should be proud of.

      The frame-rate issue was my biggest complain, so to speak. However that was largely addressed in a patch, at least for me it felt nearly perfect save for a few drops during action-heavy sequences.

      Aveline is a great character, she’s endearing in the same way Ezio Auditore was in Assassin’s Creed II. Affable, strong, but witty and charming. I hope they continue her story in future games. That’s in contrast to Connor in Assassin’s Creed III, who seemed very cold and distant. I had a very difficult time relating or even “liking” him as the playable protagonist.

    • Matt

      It was the first Assassin’s Creed game I’ve played so I walked in not really knowing what to expect.

      The open world was really cool and I thought to movement system was neat as well. Apparently it’s the exact same from AC3. The problem I had with the game was it just got boring! A lot of the missions were really the same thing with different characters and the game never had me engaged. Other than the boring part, it really annoyed me when they forced you to play as the lady persona, because she can’t friggin’ climb buildings!! The whole open world environment seemed like a waste because there’s not much to do. Oh, and I didn’t like the music. It had a droning tune-out-ish quality to it that didn’t really help with the whole being boring part. I really liked Gravity Rush, on the other hand.

      As far as the lag J__x mentioned, I don’t remember it being fixed! It was really bad, like 10-15 fps at several points in the game.

  • Myst

    Thanks for the short reviews guys. I’ve been meaning to get a new Vita game while awaiting for some of the bigger titles this year. I think Liberations will be a good one.

    • j__x

      You’re welcome!

      So long as you have reasonable expectations, you’ll almost definitely appreciate and enjoy Liberation

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